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Inter Tropical Convergence Zone
A note of caution is in order regarding private weather stations. Private weather stations vary considerably in placement, price and quality. Calibration of the sensors may or may not occur. Consequently, the reliability of information from private stations can vary not only due to station location and microclimates, but also due to the quality of equipment, its calibration and maintenance. When checking the readings of private stations consider all of this and use the data with caution. Check and note when the data was last updated. If the station doesn't indicate when the information was last updated don't trust it. Also, if the data doesn't make sense don't trust it. When you note problems, be sure to contact the station operator for clarification and rectification. does not assure private station accuracy.
Boquete Stations
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Palmira Arriba
Palmira Subdistrict
Elevation 4182'
Latitude N 08° 45.498°
Longitude W 082° 27.616°
Lloyd Cripe
(Data at Weather Underground)
Weather Underground PWS ICHIRIQU4

Robert Boyd Station

El Santuario, Los Naranjos
Bajo Boquete Subdistrict
Elevation 4173'
Latitude N 08° 47.830°
Longitude W 082° 25.994°
Robert Boyd
(Data at Weather Underground)

Weather Underground PWS I90580978 
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