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Description of Site
Boquete Weather Web Site Guide
How I use this Site
Inter Tropical Convergence Zone
This guide is divided into 2 sections. This section, describes computer settings, the navigation buttons and page content. The second section is a step-by-step guide on how I use this site to monitor Boquete District weather.
Computer Screen Settings
This web site is best viewed with a screen resolution setting of 1024x768 or greater. I personally use a setting of 1080x1024. Weather information is heavy with graphics requiring a good detailed view. Of course, the faster your internet server connection, the better. For information on how to set your screen resolution follow this link.
Useful Blue Round Bottons
At the top of the page on the header photo above the navigation bar are two useful blue round buttons. The round button with the "C" on it brings up a small window with a conversion calculator to convert from Metric to English measures. There is also a link that will take you to a NOAA web page with a more comprehensive conversion calculator. The button with the "T" on it brings up a small window with the current Panma and Universal times. This is useful when checking the last update of weather information.
 Description of the Navigation Bar and Associated Pages
This always links you back to the Home page.
This links you to this Guide page describing all the buttons and pages of the web site. At the top of this page is a link to how I use this web site which explains my way of monitoring the Boquete District weather via this web site.
This button takes you to the Quick Boquete Weather page where all the essentials for monitoring Boquete Weather are displayed on one page. There is a navigation menu at the right top. The page starts with the local readings from the Palmira Arriba Station (click on this display to see the Stations Weather Underground presentation which also includes archived station data). Several Panama Station Banners follow (click on any of these to see more details about any particular station at the Weather Underground web site). Next is the latest Infrared satellite image, a satellite wind image, Tropical Synoptic Chart and the latest Tropical Discussion. This page has all the basics for quickly monitoring weather conditions in the Boquete area.
This section provides links to an article discussing the weather, seasons and climate of the Boquete area and to more specific climate data. The article is a nontechnical but comprehensive discussion of the basic factors associated with the weather, seasons and climate in the Boquete District and gives the reader an understanding of the weather in Boquete. There are many links in the article for more in-depth information. The climate data links provide data for the Boquete area since 2007 and the long term regional data available for David, Bocas del Toro and Los Naranjos (a subdistrict of Boquete).
This takes you to a variety of links regarding current Atlantic, Caribbean and eastern Pacific tropical weather that can potentially affect the Boquete District. The latest Caribbean Tropical Synoptic Chart is displayed, followed by the latest Tropical Discussion from the U.S.A. National Hurricane Center. The tropical page continues with links to Satellite analysis of the current position of the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone. Links on how to read synoptic charts are at the bottom of the page. There is a link to the Weather Underground Tropical Section, an excellent commercial weather web site with the latest tropical storm information, blogs and many useful links.
This section includes the latest visible, infrared, vapor and wind satellite images. Clicking on the small images enlarges them for more detailed views. There is the latest Caribbean Atlantic Ocean Temperature image and a link to an impressive graphic view of the entire World Ocean Temperatures. This is followed by links to various satellite based images. The first of these links is to one of the best NOAA Infrared Satellite Loop image sites on the internet for viewing the movement of cloud systems in the Atlantic Caribbean region. This loop takes a bit of time to download but is well worth the wait. The loop has a number of interactive features that you can select to add useful overlays.
This button links to a list of the current reliable WeatherHawk Stations (Boquete and Portrerillos). These stations also provide data to the Weather Underground where you can check archived data. There are Weather Underground banners for two other Panama Stations (David and Tocumen). There is a link to a comparison of the current weather data at the Boquete and Portrerillos stations. You can get more information about the Weather Stations by clicking on the small station photos. You can link to the various Stations to check current weather data. Make sure you check the date of the last updates and the status of the stations before relying upon the data. There is a link to Panama's Government funded weather service forecasts at Hidrometeorologia Republica de Panama.
This link takes you to a list of the most important links related to Earthquakes and Volcanoes. You can check on the details of the latest earthquakes at the USGS (U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program) and Panama's Instituto de Geociencias. There are also links to learn more about earthquakes and volcanoes.
This section includes a host of links to general and specific information resources related to the topics of the web site. There is a navigation menu at the beginning of the web page to take you to the general and specific links. You can quickly get back to the menu by clicking on the [menu] link.
This gives you some idea of who we are and why this web site was created. It also tells you about our WeatherHawk weather station at Palmira Arriba in the Boquete Subdistrict of Palmira. There are links to information about comparing and purchasing private weather stations.
You can contact us from this page by either clicking on the email address listed or filling out the form and clicking the submit button. We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions. If you want to be on the Boquete Weather Watchers email list and receive updates and ongoing weather information be sure to click "yes" on the form and make sure you have entered your email address correctly.
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