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About Us
Inter Tropical Convergence Zone
We first visited Panama in February 2001 on a bird watching adventure. We enjoyed our visit admiring the natural beauty of Panama in three areas, Gamboa, Boca del Toro and Cerro Punta. We returned later that year to visit the the Boquete District in the Highlands of Chiriqui. We quickly fell in love with the area. We started looking for property where we could build a second home to use several months a year. In early 2002 we bought 3 hectares (about 7 acres) of land in the Palmira Arriba area of Boquete. In 2005 we retired and decided to relocate from Sequim, Washington to live permanently on our small Palmira coffee farm.
It was obvious from the beginning that the weather in this part of world is quite different from the northern latitudes with the large land masses of the United States or Europe. With a background in aviation, I have long held an interest in meteorology and weather observation. I was curious about the causes of the Boquete weather and climate. I began to observe, read and think about it. This web site is the result of that journey. It was initially created for my personal use but I have decided to make it public with the hopes that others might find it useful.
Link to WeatherHawk for Information In March of 2007 we installed a WeatherHawk weather station on our coffee farm in Palmira Arriba. It is located about 150 feet from our home on a 20 foot 2" steel pole that is buried 4 feet in the ground in a 4x2x2 feet block of concrete. The pole is held steady with three guy wires that are anchored to 2 foot deep blocks of buried concrete. The installation of the wireless WeatherHawk Station and software setup was a bit of a challenge, but the customer support at WeatherHawk was excellent. I highly recommend this company. Before purchasing the station, I reviewed information regarding various weather stations and concluded that the WeatherHawk is one of the best, if not the best private weather stations with quality sensors. The cost of the project was about $2000.00 (which of course does not include the computer).
We hope that you find this web site useful and return to it frequently to monitor the weather in the Boquete District. We also hope it leads you to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the tropical rain forest environment and atmosphere of Boquete. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, go to our contact page and send us a message.

Lloyd Cripe

Palmira Arriba, Boquete
Chiriqui, Panama
Altitude 4200'
Latitude N 08° 45.498’
Longitude W 082° 27.616’


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