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Boquete Weather Watchers Flood Photos 2008

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Marjorie and Steve Sarner
Janet Smith
Jeff Simon
Mayra Valencia
Alexander Halkema
Ana Fung & Fernando Fernandez
Juan Antonio Villegas
Dan Wade
Dave and Erin Ross
Barbara & Morton Rabkin
Karen & Jim Kennedy
Mark Heyer
Angel Rodriquez
Gary Jones
Cora & David Kent
Sam Taliaferro
Lloyd Cripe

The following photos of the Boquete Flood were contributed by the persons listed above. You can browse through the pictures at your leisure or link to each contributor's section with the link index above. The photos were posted as they came in and the contributors are listed in order of the most recent posting. I want to thank all you who have contributed to this list of photos. It provides timely information to many people. Thanks to you we have a good photo record of this powerful natural event. We cannot control the weather but we can be aware of it! Sincerely, Lloyd Cripe

Posted 12/05/2008

Marjorie and Steve Sarner contributed the following photos of the upper Caldera River on the Bajo Mono Loop. These are great shots of the raging river and road wash near the castle area.

Sarner Photo 1

Sarner Photo 2

Sarner Photo 3

Posted 11/30/2008

Janet Smith contributed the following photos showing the flood and reconstruction efforts.

Janet Smith Photo 1

Janet Smith Photo 2

Janet Smith Photo 3

Janet Smith Photo 4


Posted 11/25/2008

Jeff Simon submitted the following photos taken today of the Palo Alto Bed & Breakfast Hotel and Restuarant and the Ladera Hotel.

Simon Photo 1

Simon Photo 2

Simon Photo 3

Simon Photo 4

Simon Photo 5

Simon Photo 6

Simon Photo 7

Simon Photo 8

Simon Photo 9

Simon Photo 10

Simon Photo 11

Simon Photo 12

Simon Photo 13


Mayra Valencia contributed the following photos showing flood damage in the Fair Grounds. Obviously there has been a lot of damage. It seems unlikely that the fair will occur this year, but I don't have any official word on this. For those of you that do not know, the Boquete Flower and Coffee Festival takes place in January of each year. It is the pride and joy of Boquete. People come from all over Panama and the World to see the beautiful plants and place of Boquete. This flood damage to the Fair Grounds is a serious blow to the District. It will take many hours of hard work and many dollars to get all of this back in order. But I have no doubt that the community of Boquete will rally and restore this pride and joy. Thanks to Mayra for this up-close look. Take a close look and imagine cleaning all of this up.

Vallencia Photo 1

Valencia Photo 2

Valencia Photo 3

Valencia Photo 4

Valencia Photo 5

Valencia Photo 6

Valencia Photo 7

Valencia Photo 8

Valencia Photo 9

Valencia Photo 10

Valencia Photo 11

Valencia Photo 12


Valencia Photo 14

Valencia Photo 15

Valencia Photo 16

Valencia Photo 17

Valencia Photo 18

Valencia Photo 19

Valencia Photo 20


Posted 11/24/2008

Alexander Halkema sent a link to his photos of damage in the Cerro Punta area. You can take a look here. Alex also has a link to Red Cross Donations for this disaster.


Ana Fung and her husband Fernando Fernandez contributed the following photos.

Ana Fung Photo 1

Ana Fung Photo 2

Ana Fung Photo 3

Ana Fung Photo 4

Ana Fung Photo 5

Ana Fung Photo 6

Ana Fung Photo 7

Ana Fung Photo 8


Juan Antonio Villegas a professional photo journalist covering the Boquete Flood story contributed these photos. Juan's photos and reports were picked-up by CNN.

Juan Villegas Photo 1

Juan Villegas Photo 2

Juan Villegas Photo 3

Juan Villegas Photo 4

Juan contributed these aftermath photos on 11/26/08.

Juan Anthony Photo 5

Juan Anthony Photo 6

Juan Villegas Photo 7


Posted 11/23/2008

The following photos were contributed by Dan Wade.

Wade Photo 1

Wade Photo 2

Wade Photo 3

Wade Photo 4

Wade Photo 5

Wade Photo 6

Wade Photo 7

Wade Photo 8


The following photos were contributed by Dave and Erin Ross.

Ross Photo 1

Ross Photo 2

Ross Photo 3

Ross Photo 4

Ross Photo 5

Ross Photo 6


The following photos were taken by Barbara & Morton Rabkin.

Rabkin Photo 1

Rabkin Photo 2

Rabkin Photo 3

Rabkin Photo 4

Rabkin Photo 9

Rabkin Photo 5


The following photos were taken by Karen and Jim Kennedy.

Kennedy Photo 1

Kennedy Photo2

Kennedy Photo 3

Kennedy Photo 4

Kennedy Photo 5

Kennedy Photo 6

Kennedy Photo 7

Kennedy Photo 8


The following photos were taken by Mark Heyer. He started taking photos yesterday afternoon. These are some great shots.

Mark Heyer Photo 1

Mark Heyer Photo 2

Mark Heyer Photo 3

Mark Heyer Photo 4

Mark Heyer Photo 5

Mark Heyer Photo 6

Mark Heyer Photo 7

Mark Heyer Photo 8

Mark Heyer Photo 9

Heyer Photo 11

Heyer Photo 12

Heyer Photo 13

Heyer Photo 14

Heyer Photo 14

Heyer Photo 16

Heyer Photo 17

Heyer Photo 17

Heyer Photo 18

Mark Heyer Photo 19

Mark Heyer Photo 20

Mark Heyer Photo 21

Mark Heyer Photo 22


Angel Rodriquez at Volcan sent the follow photos of road damage to Cerro Punta. He also mentioned that there are a lot of freed trout because the trout farm is damged.

Angel Photo 1

Angel Photo 2

Angel Photo 3


Gary Jones provides some interesting photos and video along with a featured story at the Hello Boquete Website. Here are some of his photos:

Jones Photo 1

Jones Photo 2

Jones Photo 2

Jones Photo 1


The following photos were contributed by Cora and David Kent.

Hotel Lareda 4

Palo Alto Restuarant

Bridge Damage


The following photos of the ongoing flood of the Caldera River in Boquete, Panama were provided by Sam Taliaferro. The photos were taken last evening. This morning, the rain and the flooding continues. You can see more of Sam's photos at his photo album of the flood. He has some great photos so be sure and take a look and read about the flood at Sam's blog.

Panamonte Bridge Gone

Raging Flood

Hotel Lareda

Hote Lareda 2

Hotel Lareda 3


Photos Posted 11/22/2008

These photos taken by Lloyd Cripe about 5:30PM. Water was raging and roaring. Panamonte Bride had washed out.

Boquete from View Point

Flooding in South Boquete

Flooding Below Viewpoint

Flooding Below Viewpoint South

Flooding behind Cathedral into Fair Grounds

Flooding from behind Cathedral into Fair Grounds


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